Quotes extractor saves quotes, which you have highlighted on your Sony reader, to a hard drive in a text format. Quotes for each book are saved in a separate plain text (*.txt) or html file. Text file encoding is UTF-8.

Before downloading please make sure that Java version 1.8.0_45 or higher is installed on your computer. If it isn't, you can download Java from https://java.com/ and install it.

Install Quotes extractor for Windows

Download Quotes extractor for Windows
Install downloaded file

Install Quotes extractor for Linux

Download Quotes extractor for Linux
Open Terminal window (usually press CTRL-T);
Go to the directory where the downloaded file is located (for example, "Downloads"): cd ~/Downloads;
Make the downloaded file executable - type the string below and press Enter:
sudo chmod +x ./sony_quotes_extractor.jar

Install Quotes extractor for MacOS

Quotes extractor has not been tested yet on MacOS. But the Linux installation file should run as a Java application on MacOS as well. We will appreciate your feedback.

To access and extract your quotes, please do the following:

  • Connect your Sony reader to a computer with a USB cable;
  • On you Sony reader you will see a question asking 'Do you want the computer to recognize this device?' - Answer 'Yes' and wait until you see a 'This device is correctly recognized by the computer';
  • Run Quotes extractor file:
    • On Windows: from application menu;
    • On Linux: 'sony_quotes_extractor.jar';
    • On MacOS: 'sony_quotes_extractor.jar';
  • Select a Sony reader database file by pressing a button to the left and find a removable device that is identified by your system as a 'READER' and then navigate to: '\Sony_Reader\database' and select a 'books.db' file;
  • Select a folder where extracted quotes will be stored;
  • Select the output file format;
  • Press the 'Extract' button.

Please note a size of a quote is limited to 200 characters in Sony readers.

This program has been tested with Sony PRS T1, PRS T2 and PRS T3 readers, Windows 7, 10, Linux Ubuntu 15, 16.


Quotes Extractor for Sony Reader is free for individual non-commercial usage.

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